Caring4Elders Director Sharon Goddard joins Suffolk Family Carers Trustee Board

A new exciting role for Caring4Elders Director Sharon Goddard who joins Suffolk Family Carers Trustee Board, bringing her experience of running her own heritage business and as a founder director of Caring4Elders.




How to fund social care

Read the Policy Exchange Network's piece on why we need a re-think of both health and social care if we are to avoid ending up with an accelerating crisis.

General Election 2017 - Dementia tax, death tax or just plain tax

General election 2017 – Paying for social care: Dementia tax, death tax or just plain tax?

How we pay for social care is now emerging as one of the key issues in the general election campaign, with the pressure to find a solution made ever more urgent by our rapidly-ageing population.

Recyling/Donating mobility scooters

Its curious that its so difficult to recycle or give away such useful and costly equipment as a mobility scoooter.  In our network's experience the only outlets available are to advertise in newspaper small ads, through church magazines, or recycling websites such as freecycle, or to sell through Ebay.  The only charity we have found that will accept mobility scooters is the Red Cross who then repair/renovate…

Sandwich Generation: Older women, caring for the nation's old and you

This August 2013 report by the Institute for Public Policy Research identifies older women (in their fifties and sixties) as the nations carers, juggling caring with paid employment.

This report identifies…