Keeping granny under the 'Chemical Cosh' ?

Recent research by Belfast University (reported in The Guardian 21 February 2013)  has raised concerns about the high increase in prescription of psychotropic drugs for elderly people in care homes compared to those living in the community.  20% of residents were on these drugs compared with 1% of those living in the community.

These drugs are…

New policy announcement on funding social care

Jeremy Hunt unveils a long awaiting change to funding care costs with a proposal to limit liability for long term care costs - read on for the full details. 

 Health secretary Jeremy Hunt has announced a £75,000 cap on the amount people will have to pay towards the cost of long…

Elderly passing on banking details to get access to money

A research study for the Payments Council looking at the experiences of people over the age of 80 has identified a host of practical problems that they face in accessing cash or using the internet. Cash machines were a particular problem for some, who found it difficult to park at bank branches, could not stand in queues for long, and found the buttons fiddly and the…

A novel way to provide care for the elderly and frail - community service by the newly-retired

Read the news report for full details of Lord Bichard's idea.