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IT Revolution? Not on your Nellie

It’s a crying shame that the very thing that could transform the day to day lives of elderly people can so easily exclude and marginalize them. Failing eyesight, fumbling fingers and, Ah, what was that pin number I created – the older generation totters with its zimmerframe down the IT super-highway. No longer is it just the inability to read the tiny writing placed on supermarket packaging by 20 somethings with 20-20 vision that exemplifies the exclusion of one generation by another. Getting cash, paying bills, sending money to grandchildren, buying tickets to travel - all are activities that are becoming ever more technology dependent.

We need our bright young things to add a human touch to the grinding efficiency of these systems – to understand how older people experience them and to adapt them accordingly. New technologies should enable older people to keep control of their lives for longer, not cause them to give up in frustration and pass it all on to their nearest and dearest.